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Featured: It’s Symmetrical

21 Jul

Last week Castaway Vintage was featured on style blogger It’s Symmetrical style blog!  Thanks so much, and be sure to check out her page, and the article here http://itssymmetrical.blogspot.com/2010/07/castaway-vintage.html

Castaway Vintage
Another vintage shop I discovered while aimlessly perusing Etsy recently. They’ve got some gems, particularly in the pants department (still pining a bit for the trousers in the top center image, which were snatched away by another buyer the night before they were going to be mine! Woe is me! Ha).

Guess what? I’ve crested over the 40 followers mark (through Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin’ combined)! Thank you all for following! As promised, I will be holding a giveaway on Sunday, July 18th (prize still to be determined).


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Thrifty Chic

17 Jun

Finally had a chance to photograph a few of the items that have been filling up our spare bedroom over the last month!  It’s a terrible feeling to run a business and have so much inventory- just sitting around!  Being out of town the whole month of May, then my boyfriend needing a new car left us car shopping all of his recent days off.  Yesterday we were finally able to get in a photo shoot, and with our new camera I got for my birthday!  I still have to edit through all of the photos before they can be listed- but here is one of the outfits that will be going up later today or tomorrow, and how you can still be chic without spending tons of $$.  This whole outfit was under $100!

Just because you’re on a tight budget doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style, and vintage doesn’t always have to mean transporting your look into another era (though I love my 60’s Twiggy dresses and 50’s plaid!!)

This look is  definitely a tad bit 80’s, but the shoes bring into the modern world.  Sometimes too much vintage can be a bit costume-y, and just mixing in some modern pieces bring into a look that translates into fresh, not dated.

The hat I borrowed from my boyfriend, who bought it for $5 on sale at Urban Outfitters, and I bought the sunglasses there for $12.

The black lace bodysuit is very American Apparel- but I bought it for $7 at Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn- huge resale/thrift/vintage shop when I was visiting last month.

The belt I thrifted for $1- a little boy’s ‘Dockers’ belt.

The pants I thrifted, vintage Liz Claiborne, and these will be up for sale today or tomorrow are available now at

Castaway Vintage

The shoes are from the Cynthia Vincent for Target collection- $30!!

Same look- with black vintage high waisted pleated pants- also for sale now at   Castaway Vintage

More looks coming here and to Etsy soon!