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Thrifting Our Way Across the USA: Goodbye California

1 Jun

Apologies for the delays and lack of posts and new listings- we just spent the last month moving from Los Angeles to New York City!

It was a good two years spent in California, and most importantly the time that Castaway Vintage was created- but just can’t compare to the 8 years spent in New York City.  So, with making the decision to move back to NYC, bringing Castaway Vintage along for the ride I promised to share our travels and encounters with thrifting cross country on the blog, in a series “Thrifting Our Way Across the USA”.

I start off our series with a goodbye to California, and a look at my last month there, and the start of trip across this country!

Our last month in LA- within one week, we were able to see a free secret Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros show at the Frank Lloyd Wright Ranch in Malibu- completely catered with gourmet food, waiters floating around with trays of wine, full open bar, blankets, dessert shots- the works- possibly one of the most amazing live show experiences I’ve been to!

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

That weekend we went to Coachella in the desert and had a great time attending parties at the Vestal ranch, Philip Lim house party, Mulberry party, Flaunt Magazine party, along with others I can’t remember, and found some amazing thrift stores as well!

floating around at Philip Lim party- in horizon

After coming back to LA from Coachella, that Sunday we saw Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks at the outdoor venue Hollywood Bowl- a truly memorable experience!

After finally moving everything out of our 2 bedroom house- not an easy feat when moving 3,000 miles- selling all of our furniture on Craigslist, having a yard sale for all the odds and ends, then shipping $800 worth of boxes to NY- we had our last night going away party at 4100 bar in Silverlake.  We  headed to Orange County for a week to spend with Ray’s family and hitting up the beach every day, having our last night out seeing Black Heart Procession play in Long Beach.

Our last night in LA

Hittin up the beach before heading off to NY!

A last impromptu photo shoot before we left….

Finally, our last night in California with friends in Long Beach and seeing Black Heart Procession!

Black Heart

Goodbye California!!  Stay tuned for cross country drive and thrift store adventures!!

Castaway Vintage is Moving to NYC!

5 May

Please pardon the lack of postings, updates, and product listings while we are in this transition period!!  We are doing our best to keep up and list as often as we can- and will be picking up all sorts of new merchandise for the shop when we begin our 3,000 mile drive across the country starting tomorrow!  I hope to highlight all the small towns we drive through and thrift store finds that come our way in a new blog series called “Thrifting Our Way Across the USA” coming this weekend/early next week.

While it’s true Castaway Vintage was born in the heart of Southern California- Los Angeles, the owners of Castaway Vintage have our roots firmly planted in NYC, as we both lived there for several years before transplanting to LA.  It’s been fun, the weather is amazing, and the flea markets are hard to beat- but the excitement and energy of the city has been calling us back home.  Hardly and end to Castaway Vintage- but just new beginnings and fun in finding treasures for the shop on the other coast of the country!!  I’m excited to find my new secret shopping spots for all the best vintage for all the loyal Castaway Vintage customers that have helped us grow in the past year and a half- starting with a mere 12 listings on day one, now just 14 sales away from 400!!

Our 1st Etsy Sale- Nov 11, 2009

Please, bare with us, we have all of our stock with us on the road so orders will ship normally, and stay tuned for all the upcoming products and changes!

We love you!

All Vintage Everything

22 Apr

Friends in Los Angeles- come see Castaway Vintage tomorrow at Space 1520, for All Vintage Everything; a one day vintage only pop-up marketplace!!  Presented by DNA (designers+artists), co-founder Lirany Vasquez states that:

“DNA (designers+artists) nurtures and promotes up-and-coming fashion & accessories designers, graphic artists, painters and photographers through special projects, social media, events and shopping parties. Our goal is to expose fresh talent to the cultural and retail markets of San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City. We strongly believe in supporting the fashion community as a whole, which is why we also work closely with established designers and vintage retailers– who’ve become so influential in today’s market and trends.

Our events are really fun! We have great vendors, amazing fashion, great deals, live dj sets– a great shopping party vibe. We love the courtyard at Space 15Twenty because its the perfect place to enjoy an outdoor event like this.  Also, Umami burger is part of the courtyard so you can grab a burger and a beer to refuel from all the shopping!
So come out and enjoy vintage shopping from 12 hand selected vendors- including Castaway Vintage!!  We will have a $5 rack, and discounted prices on all of our merchandise!!

Etsy 1 Year Anniversary Sale! 20% OFF Everything This Weekend!

6 Nov

It’s been ONE YEAR since Castaway Vintage first set up shop on Etsy, and to celebrate we are giving all our customers 20% OFF EVERYTHING in stock!  Tons of new listings, nothing is excluded!  Current ‘Sale’ merchandise will get a further discount!  2 Days Only! This Weekend- Saturday and Sunday Nov 5 & 6!  Take advantage of this once yearly special sale- prices return full price on Monday!


Etsy Update-10 NEW Listings, FNO LA A Current Affair Vintage Pop-Up

13 Sep

It’s been a busy weekend with Fashion’s Night Out, having friends over for a BBQ, heading to the Rose Bowl flea market, and trying to get all our NEW LISTINGS up!  So far I’m about halfway there with 10 new listings currently up, with more coming throughout the week!  Be sure to check out Castaway Vintage often, and add us on Twitter for latest updates as new merchandise is arriving and posting daily.

For Fashion’s Night Out on Friday in LA, I visited the Vintage Pop-up shop ‘A Current Affair’ opening party at the Cooper Design Space with over 20 high-end vintage vendors- it was great to meet local shop owners, ogle designer vintage pieces, and kick back with some free drinks.

Vintage Pop-Up:

Check out  a sample of the new pieces, shop all of Castaway Vintage here!

Some of the new listings:

Vintage Harley Davidson Tank Top

Vintage 80’s Sasson Gray Wool Black Velvet Cropped Blazer

Vintage Black and White Striped Evan Picone Blouse

Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Navy Blue Blazer Striped lining, Gold buttons

Vintage Black and White Nautical Sailor Girl Romper

These, and many more at Castaway Vintage

Raggedy Threads

11 Aug

After straightening out WordPress’ forced theme change on me and reverting back to my very first one (not much for change, or re-adding all my fonts or widgets), I’m back again… I interviewed fellow Etsy seller and downtown Los Angeles vintage shop owner, Jaime Wong of Raggedy Threads about her shop and passion for vintage clothing, and learned of a new location opening this weekend!

See the article HERE

Raggedy Threads Vintage Shop
Raggedy Threads Vintage Shop

Jaime Wong, the owner of the hip downtown arts district vintage shop Raggedy Threads, answered a few questions about her shop and gave some insight to her passion for vintage clothing, treasure hunting, relating to her customers, and announced their second location opening this weekend, August 14, in Little Tokyo.

When and why did you start Raggedy Threads?
I have always had an obsession with antiques and rummaging. Even as a child, I would obsessively dig through drawers and of course kept me occupied for hours at end. Thus, finding out about Thrift / Antique stores and remembering the smell of old musty clothing- I loved it and loved the way it [clothing] was designed.
Raggedy Threads was started in the summer of 2002 in the city of Covina and nested there until 2007, when I decided it was time to grow a little out of the suburbs and into the city. It was the dream of mine to not have a costume type vintage store, or an outrageously overpriced store, but an affordable casual, everyday wear place where you can find original pieces that you wouldn’t see twice.

What types of vintage clothing can be found at your shop?
For ladies, men & kids:
As early as 1900s-1940s Victorian clothing & jewelry
60s-70s Hippie/ Bohemian tops & dresses
Early 80s – Softy Tees, tanks, and tops
Accessories- boots, bags, jewelry, hats, sunglasses
Pretty much anything that’s really special!

What makes Raggedy Threads unique?
We put a lot of care into the clothing and the customers. Everything is hand picked, washed & pressed. We also offer on the spot free alteration services in case you wanted a dress shorten or the sleeves taken in, and of course, if there’s a small tear, we will patch it for you! Everyone knows Vintage is not perfect but we try and make it perfect for you.

Who are your style influences and inspirations?
My customers

What is your favorite decade?
40s & 70s

What is your favorite vintage item?
Can I name more than one? 🙂
Owls, Toys, 70s Sheer India blouses & dresses, Intricate embroideries like bedouins, 40s Hungarian/ Romanian blouses, Concert Rock Tees, Distressed leather bags & shoes

What vintage trends do you see picking up for Fall?
Stripes, floral prints
Mixture of the 30s and the 80s Industrial Americana look

Any tips for vintage shoppers?
Be daring, try everything on! Have fun!

Where we can find you?
Arts District (826 E 3rd street) and coming soon August 14th, will open a second in Little Tokyo (330 E 2nd street) while slowly transiting out of the Arts District by the end of the year. By January, we will be permanently in Little Tokyo, in the Cultural Center, adjacent to Pinkberry
Shop online: http://www.etsy.com/shop/RaggedyThreads
Web: www.raggedythreads.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RaggedyThreads