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Thrifting Our Way Across the USA: Goodbye California

1 Jun

Apologies for the delays and lack of posts and new listings- we just spent the last month moving from Los Angeles to New York City!

It was a good two years spent in California, and most importantly the time that Castaway Vintage was created- but just can’t compare to the 8 years spent in New York City.  So, with making the decision to move back to NYC, bringing Castaway Vintage along for the ride I promised to share our travels and encounters with thrifting cross country on the blog, in a series “Thrifting Our Way Across the USA”.

I start off our series with a goodbye to California, and a look at my last month there, and the start of trip across this country!

Our last month in LA- within one week, we were able to see a free secret Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros show at the Frank Lloyd Wright Ranch in Malibu- completely catered with gourmet food, waiters floating around with trays of wine, full open bar, blankets, dessert shots- the works- possibly one of the most amazing live show experiences I’ve been to!

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

That weekend we went to Coachella in the desert and had a great time attending parties at the Vestal ranch, Philip Lim house party, Mulberry party, Flaunt Magazine party, along with others I can’t remember, and found some amazing thrift stores as well!

floating around at Philip Lim party- in horizon

After coming back to LA from Coachella, that Sunday we saw Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks at the outdoor venue Hollywood Bowl- a truly memorable experience!

After finally moving everything out of our 2 bedroom house- not an easy feat when moving 3,000 miles- selling all of our furniture on Craigslist, having a yard sale for all the odds and ends, then shipping $800 worth of boxes to NY- we had our last night going away party at 4100 bar in Silverlake.  We  headed to Orange County for a week to spend with Ray’s family and hitting up the beach every day, having our last night out seeing Black Heart Procession play in Long Beach.

Our last night in LA

Hittin up the beach before heading off to NY!

A last impromptu photo shoot before we left….

Finally, our last night in California with friends in Long Beach and seeing Black Heart Procession!

Black Heart

Goodbye California!!  Stay tuned for cross country drive and thrift store adventures!!

Survived Coachella + Etsy Sale

21 Apr

We finally got back from Coachella in one piece after a pretty crazy, hectic weekend of pool parties, open bars, long lost friends, new friends, a lost car key, dead cell phone, run ins with the law, and general debauchery!!  The weather was hot and sunny and it was amazing to soak it up before coming home to a cold rainy week in Los Angeles.  Some of my desert pool party looks:

Also- The sun is in Taurus, which is my sign- so until May 20 I have lowered prices on almost every item in the shop !  Receive and additional 10% off only offered to blog readers during this time- simply message me and mention the blog Taurus sale and I will adjust your invoice.  My Birthday savings to you!!

Coachella bound

16 Apr

Getting ready to head to Coachella in the morning- we aren’t going to see the bands this year but are still so excited to go to the weekend long desert pool parties and parties all night- open bar, great dj’s, friends, and 90 degree heat sounds like a good weekend to me!  I picked up a few accessories for the weekend- some new sandals to keep my feet cool, hot pink lipstick to keep me pretty when the rest of my makeup melts off and a straw hat to keep the sun out of my face:

Deena & Ozzy Lace Up Espadrilles from Urban Outfitters

Maybelline Cool Watermelon Lipstick

BDG Banded Straw Boater Hat

Pics from the weekend to follow next week! xx