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Navy Winter Blues

24 Nov

As the chilly Fall air rolls in, along with the holidays, brings us that much closer to winter.  It usually doesn’t get too cold here in LA, though it seems to be freezing lately!  Just listed in the shop are some great winter outerwear pieces, especially these navy blue military themed options!

  1. Vintage 60’s Zim-Stra Navy Cape, $235
  2. Vintage Long Military Coat w Gold Buttons, $120
  3. Vintage Royal Engineers authentic British Military Jacket, $160

Hope everyone has a great Holiday weekend!  Check back for our BLACK FRIDAY specials!!  Time to go bake the pies…

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4 Nov

Stripes stripes stripes.  I love the simple clean contrasting lines.  Always classic, but since I already own so many stripes and striped tops, I’ve decided to part with this one and it’s up for sale in the SHOP now!


Biker Chic

3 Nov

I’ve just added this great black leather biker to the Castaway Vintage shop, great for Fall and Winter- wardrobe staple with dresses, or skinny jeans and boots!  When I took a year off to travel the world, the only jacket I brought was my trusty black leather biker jacket!


Etsy Update-10 NEW Listings, FNO LA A Current Affair Vintage Pop-Up

13 Sep

It’s been a busy weekend with Fashion’s Night Out, having friends over for a BBQ, heading to the Rose Bowl flea market, and trying to get all our NEW LISTINGS up!  So far I’m about halfway there with 10 new listings currently up, with more coming throughout the week!  Be sure to check out Castaway Vintage often, and add us on Twitter for latest updates as new merchandise is arriving and posting daily.

For Fashion’s Night Out on Friday in LA, I visited the Vintage Pop-up shop ‘A Current Affair’ opening party at the Cooper Design Space with over 20 high-end vintage vendors- it was great to meet local shop owners, ogle designer vintage pieces, and kick back with some free drinks.

Vintage Pop-Up:

Check out  a sample of the new pieces, shop all of Castaway Vintage here!

Some of the new listings:

Vintage Harley Davidson Tank Top

Vintage 80’s Sasson Gray Wool Black Velvet Cropped Blazer

Vintage Black and White Striped Evan Picone Blouse

Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Navy Blue Blazer Striped lining, Gold buttons

Vintage Black and White Nautical Sailor Girl Romper

These, and many more at Castaway Vintage

FYF, Labor Day Weekend

10 Sep

In my absence of posting on my blog here and listing all our new items on Etsy, I’ve been pretty busy this past week.  One of my side gigs is writing a vintage style column for, and had the chance to get a press pass for the annual FYF fest held in downtown LA with tons of great indie bands and local fashion- you can see my full article and photos on the event here.
On Sunday I went camping at Point Mugu, north of Malibu with friends, and spent Labor Day soaking up the sun at the beach.  The next day my boyfriend and I took a drive up the coast of California to the bottom of  Big Sur, stopping off at small towns along the way- those pics to come this weekend.  It was great fun, but now it’s back to work!  There are a few new listings up now at Castaway Vintage that have just been added this morning, with tons more coming later today and tomorrow, I promise.

Happy Fashion’s Night Out Everyone- if you’re in LA check out the Vintage pop-up shop A Current Affair opening party tonight downtown!

Check out photos from my week off:

FYF Fest

Thee Oh Sees

Thee Oh Sees

Thee Oh Sees


Lorenzo and Jeep

Angela and Lorenzo

Brooks- Growlers singer

Ray & I

Brooks, myself & Ray

Ariel Pink

Ariel Pink

Cold Cave

Cold Cave

Cold Cave

Cold Cave

Camping Labor Day:

Around the City Vintage

29 Aug

I had the chance to interview a good friend of mine, Kelly, fellow Etsy seller and LA based vintage showroom owner of Around the City Vintage for my LA Vintage Style Examiner column at, about her shop and love of vintage.

Read the full interview HERE

LA based Around The City Vintage is both an online vintage shop carrying clothing, shoes, accessories, and home goods from the 1920’s-1990’s, as well as housing a Downtown showroom where customers can shop by appointment with personalized attention.  They say “Around the City Vintage comes from the hearts and minds of Kelly Castaneda and Roxanna Velazco. We present the finest in hand picked vintage goods; Clothing for women, men and children, accessories, shoes, and house-ware from the roaring 20’s, hippie 60’s, disco 70’s, funky 80’s to the rocking 90’s and current trends. We travel often and pick up amazing goodies along our travels.”

Taking the time to answer a few questions for readers, Roxie and Kelly discuss their love of vintage and concept of bringing finds from multiple cities into one cohesive, personal shopping experience.

When and why was Around The City Vintage started?
ACV was started in late fall(2009), we started Around the City Vintage for the love of vintage and vintage buying.

What is the concept behind ATC Vintage?
Roxie– The way you dress is an expression of how you feel. Around the city vintage allows anyone to express their moods and feelings through our garments.
Kelly– Around the City Vintage is also about expressing our love for travel and our love for vintage clothing. We decided to marry the two loves and birth Around the City Vintage. It gives us a platform to share our thrifted or vintage findings from our travels.

Describe the type of person that would love shopping at Around the City Vintage.
Roxie– Anyone who truly loves vintage and is just as excited as we are when we learn the history of all these amazing pieces will love shopping with Around The City Vintage. We love hearing about the story behind each piece and that’s what we try to offer everyone.
Kelly– We have so many people come into the showroom, since our sneak preview opening. People from Mexico, New York, San Francisco. Arizona, Utah and from all over California. Everyone is welcomed!

What makes Around The City Vintage unique?

Kelly– ACV has a more personalized and intimate feel. When you walk into the showroom your immediately in awe by our large treasure inventory. We thrive on one on one shopping, getting to know the shopper as well as befriending them.
Roxie– Around The City Vintage showroom is such a good looking space and every piece in the showroom stands out because it has it’s own character. We love to get to know the shopper and let them know us and give them a little back story on whatever garment/piece they’re interested in.

Who are your style inspirations/influences?
Kelly– My mother, her young days are so inspiring and basically street fashion, I view sidewalks as fashion runways.
Roxie– Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, Edie Sedgwick, Audrey Hepburn

Do you have a favorite decade?
Kelly– 1920’s, 1960’s and 70’s
Roxie– 60’s

Where we can find you/links?
Showroom location: 1839 South Main St LA CA 90015
Make an appointment today!

Twitter Virgin

18 Aug

Yes, it’s true.  I have never used Twitter.  I have never ‘tweeted’.  I’m old school and I’m a Taurus stuck in my ways and not much for change and learning new technological devices.  I used the most basic camera flip-phone for years until I caved and bought the iPhone last year.  Today I caved and joined Twitter.  Not a day goes by without me hearing, or reading something Twitter related at least 20 times per day.  So I did it.  I put aside my ‘un-twitter’ stubbornness and signed up today for Castaway Vintage.  So, in addition to this blog and our Facebook page, please follow us on Twitter for all the latest shop news and updates at!!

Stay tuned for the lot of new dresses coming this week!!