On break

8 Oct

For almost the past year, I have been constantly shopping for amazing vintage items, photographing them as often as possible with my boyfriend/business partner, and keeping everyone who follows us updated via this blog, and other channels throughout the internet.  For anyone who may have noticed a slow down in posts and new content lately, it is because my boyfriend and his family have been hit hard the past few weeks with sudden hospitalizing incidents.  My boyfriend’s brother was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma at the young age of 32 with a massive tumor in his chest, and most recently my boyfriend himself suffered a terrible accident this week which resulted in serious head trauma, broken and fractured bones in his face as well as stitches.

Some things in life, like life itself is so much more important than fashion, clothing, or making $$.  We are going to get through this, but please excuse the lack of updates while we take care of this.  I am still shopping when time permits, and photographing and listing accessories periodically. Soon there will be a major update listing of all the things we have gathered over the past month, you won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Take care of yourselves and make sure everyone in your life knows you care about them, life is short and precious.

One Response to “On break”

  1. paige October 10, 2010 at 4:29 pm #

    i’m so sorry to hear this, my dear. hang in there…you and your loved ones will be in my thoughts. take care…

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