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29 Aug

I had the chance to interview a good friend of mine, Kelly, fellow Etsy seller and LA based vintage showroom owner of Around the City Vintage for my LA Vintage Style Examiner column at, about her shop and love of vintage.

Read the full interview HERE

LA based Around The City Vintage is both an online vintage shop carrying clothing, shoes, accessories, and home goods from the 1920’s-1990’s, as well as housing a Downtown showroom where customers can shop by appointment with personalized attention.  They say “Around the City Vintage comes from the hearts and minds of Kelly Castaneda and Roxanna Velazco. We present the finest in hand picked vintage goods; Clothing for women, men and children, accessories, shoes, and house-ware from the roaring 20’s, hippie 60’s, disco 70’s, funky 80’s to the rocking 90’s and current trends. We travel often and pick up amazing goodies along our travels.”

Taking the time to answer a few questions for readers, Roxie and Kelly discuss their love of vintage and concept of bringing finds from multiple cities into one cohesive, personal shopping experience.

When and why was Around The City Vintage started?
ACV was started in late fall(2009), we started Around the City Vintage for the love of vintage and vintage buying.

What is the concept behind ATC Vintage?
Roxie– The way you dress is an expression of how you feel. Around the city vintage allows anyone to express their moods and feelings through our garments.
Kelly– Around the City Vintage is also about expressing our love for travel and our love for vintage clothing. We decided to marry the two loves and birth Around the City Vintage. It gives us a platform to share our thrifted or vintage findings from our travels.

Describe the type of person that would love shopping at Around the City Vintage.
Roxie– Anyone who truly loves vintage and is just as excited as we are when we learn the history of all these amazing pieces will love shopping with Around The City Vintage. We love hearing about the story behind each piece and that’s what we try to offer everyone.
Kelly– We have so many people come into the showroom, since our sneak preview opening. People from Mexico, New York, San Francisco. Arizona, Utah and from all over California. Everyone is welcomed!

What makes Around The City Vintage unique?

Kelly– ACV has a more personalized and intimate feel. When you walk into the showroom your immediately in awe by our large treasure inventory. We thrive on one on one shopping, getting to know the shopper as well as befriending them.
Roxie– Around The City Vintage showroom is such a good looking space and every piece in the showroom stands out because it has it’s own character. We love to get to know the shopper and let them know us and give them a little back story on whatever garment/piece they’re interested in.

Who are your style inspirations/influences?
Kelly– My mother, her young days are so inspiring and basically street fashion, I view sidewalks as fashion runways.
Roxie– Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, Edie Sedgwick, Audrey Hepburn

Do you have a favorite decade?
Kelly– 1920’s, 1960’s and 70’s
Roxie– 60’s

Where we can find you/links?
Showroom location: 1839 South Main St LA CA 90015
Make an appointment today!

One Response to “Around the City Vintage”

  1. jade September 4, 2010 at 9:30 am #

    ohh i think i’ve fallen in love with everything in their store. thank you for sharing this interview!


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