San Francisco

14 Jul

Took a few days off this week to fly north and visit nearby San Francisco.  My boyfriend had 3 days off in a row from work so we decided to take advantage and take a mini-vacation!  We did some major thrift shopping and got some really good finds which should be posted by next week.  San Francisco is such a different city from Los Angeles- most of the people are really cool and laid back, artistic, fun, unpretentious- until you ride the public buses!  We found so many angry, crazy, yelling, pushing, hitting people… I guess public transit brings that out.  It was a nice change of pace though to be able to walk around and have an ample public transit system which is so very lacking here in LA, ie; TRAFFIC and never seeing people on the street like I’m used to in NY!  I was also enamored with the abundance of small boutiques. eateries and bars with a unique artistic vibe, and attention to sustainability and local growers/business.

We took a trip to the Golden Gate Bridge, then off to the piers to have some lunch by the water.  With only 2 1/2 days there, we didn’t have a lot of time to do everything we wanted, but definitely fit in some great thrift shopping in the Mission District, breakfast at Pork Store Valencia, amazing pizza at Delfina Pizzeria, saw an Asian cowboy perform at Amnesia, and finished off with a great massage and spa treatment at Burke Williams (courtesy via gift cards haha).

Now it’s back to LA, and back to work.  I’m shooting some shoes and swimwear today that we picked up and hope to post in the next day or so, and the clothes will be coming soon next week!!  Check out our latest additions before they’re gone at Castaway Vintage

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