Excuse the Appearance

6 Jul

So in the middle of changing blog themes, my puppy ate the powercord to my laptop computer- which stores all of my Etsy photos, blog pics, photoshop, etc- so things are kind of messy and not as updated as they should be while I wait for a new powercord in the mail.  I’m going to try to clean up this theme as much as possible but I can’t get to my usual header photo or adjust any others without my editing software, and also can’t list to Etsy without my pics!  Hope to be up and running soon enough again…

One Response to “Excuse the Appearance”

  1. paige July 6, 2010 at 3:27 pm #

    oh man! what a pain in the ass. maybe it’s some higher power telling you to relax and find something else to do for a day or two…i truly believe that’s what happened when i got sick AND my internet was busted for TWO friggin days. drove me bat shit. oh well…

    this weekend…can’t wait! woot woot!

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