Troncones, Pt 2

7 Jun

Spending ten days in Troncones, Mexico last week for my birthday calls for a few posts to show everything!  After we settled in to our bungalow and got a lay of the land around us, Ray took me on a Sunset booze cruise on my birthday, and we ate dinner at a lovely ocean side restaurant; “Villa de la Selva” on the edge of a cliff, which was once home to a former Mexican president!   We took a side trip down the dirt roads by our place to check it out, and came across some amazing wildlife and animals:

Birthday Sunset Booze Cruise with Ray

Birthday Dinner Cliffside at Villa de la Selva in Ixtapa

Beach time!

New nautical print H&M bikini

Little black tip- Ray surfing!

We took a trip down the dirt roads in our rental “rollerskate” car

Saw some donkeys

Some fires,

Some pigs,

Palm trees and a ‘shady’ lookout spot

Some goats,


Hidden Beach access

The rest to come this week!!


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