Troncones, Mexico Arrival

4 Jun

So at the end of May I turned the big 3-0, and it seems as though every year on my birthday I get really stressed out about where to celebrate, will anyone come, and it usually turns out far more amazing than I could have expected, but this year I just did not want the stress or to chance things “not going my way”, and quite frankly wasn’t too thrilled about ending my 20’s and didn’t really want much of a celebration, so I decided to leave the country with my boyfriend.

Since we already traveled most of the world together, it was hard to find a place to get me excited about- besides maybe Italy, Greece, Egypt or Spain- all of which we definitely don’t have the budget for this year.  We were going to do Hawaii, but it just seemed so ‘touristy’ and Americanized, and expensive.  My boyfriend Ray is an avid surfer, and I love the beach, and I came across this little village of Troncones in Mainland Mexico on the Pacific coast, about 2 hours south of Acapulco, while reading a magazine in the waiting room of the vet’s office; which showed it as this pretty laid back surf spot.  Tickets and rooms were dirt cheap- I was sold!  And little village it was- dirt roads with pigs, donkeys, stray dogs, and roosters crowing at all hours.  Barely any people, pure sun, surf, and relaxation!  These are from the arrival of our trip, I’ll be updating my birthday in my next post!

Mexican ‘Frosted Flakes’- Zucaritas!                        Our upstairs patio / kitchen

View from our balcony/patio

Pouring our 1st rum & pineapple                                     Hanging out poolside

At the Harbor

Beach in Ixtapa- Playa Linda

Enjoying a Pacifico


2 Responses to “Troncones, Mexico Arrival”

  1. libys11 June 4, 2010 at 6:46 pm #

    amazing photos!! this is making me wish i am somewhere warm and near a beach!! aaaahh!!! thanks for sharing these! 😀

  2. Lisa June 4, 2010 at 8:44 pm #

    Happy birthday..what a great way to spend it. I love your red sailor dress!

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