Back to LA, Memorial Day

3 Jun

I’m actually pretty embarrassed for anyone that has actually been reading my blog since I haven’t been keeping up with my posts lately!!  Anyone that has followed knows that I’ve been traveling all of the month of May- to New York, then to Mexico, and now back in LA.  I’ve been promising to update my travels and I have just been so busy since I got back over the weekend- haven’t seen my friends for a month, then Memorial Day, then dealing with my car breaking down yesterday- anyhow I’m sorry and back now to catch up for anyone that might be remotely interested, and will be posting regularly now!

Since my plans of posting daily updates during the travels didn’t work out so well, and instead of posting one giant entry, I’m trying to get caught up with the most recent activities first- Memorial Day weekend back in LA, then working backwards to post the Mexico trip and NYC trip during my sure to be normal  upcoming week, then be all back on track again!

Anyway, it was hot sunny weekend back here in Los Angeles, and a prefect time for a pool party!  I joined some friends Sunday afternoon at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood for a really fun pool party.  We met some new friends who had a room by the pool and lots of alcohol free for us…so I lost one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses, could’ve been worse!  Had a great time and was sad once the sun set and the crisp air settled in again…

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