Birthday Vacation Time

25 May

Feeling quite guilty about not being able to keep up with the blog as of late- as I’ve been traveling this whole month!  One would think that being ‘on vacation’ would leave lots of extra time for things like blogging, but I’ve found the opposite to be true!   I’ve been having so much fun visiting people, seeing places, and having spotty service that it’s been almost impossible to find time to blog!  I headed to my parent’s house in upstate NY May 1, and after about five days there I headed to New York City for ten days to catch up with all my friends and favorite restaurants, hang outs, and enjoy my old life since leaving there 2 years ago after living there for 8 years!

Enjoying a rooftop beer in the Lower East Side, NYC

I flew back to Los Angeles around May 16 for 2 days; just enough time to unpack my suitcase, do my laundry, and re-pack the suitcase for my trip to mainland Pacific Mexico for my 30th- yes I hate to say it, my thirtieth, birthday with my boyfriend.  We are still here, and will be here til the end of the week at which time I’ll be back to my regular updates and keeping up the shop.  We are staying in this little fishing village called Troncones, the closest city and airport about 30 minutes away in Ixtapa.  It’s very relaxing and peaceful, hardly any tourists and cheap everything!  We have a little house on the ocean with a pool and have been loving lounging in the sun here!

Our pool at the ocean in Troncones, Mexico

I’ll be posting about all my travels with play by play details and photos later this week/early next week!  Stay posted!


One Response to “Birthday Vacation Time”

  1. paige May 27, 2010 at 1:52 pm #

    ahhh…i’m so envious! i would love to be in mexico right now, soaking up the sun…

    you look amazing in that red dress. and it matches your red toes! 🙂

    happy 30th, lady. i just had mine in feb…welcome to the club.


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