3 May

Still traveling- and I actually do not own a laptop computer- (Just borrow my boyfriend’s that I bought him for Christmas)- which doesn’t work out so well for blogging when I leave home!  At the parent’s in Upstate NY, and heading to the city in a few days once I put in my much needed quality family time (I haven’t been here in almost 2 years!)

So even though I can’t gather too much and spend too much computer time- we WERE featured on a great vintage fashion blog today-
Miskabelle Vintage

Check out the link! http://miskabelle.blogspot.com/2010/05/everyday-vintage-mondays.html

Today I’m looking at two specific vintage inspiration variations.  The first is nautical, which we thought was big last spring/summer and yet I still can’t get enough of it. Even though the all-American style can lean toward the preppy (and that’s one fashion trend I never really partake of), I love how you can be hip and classic all at once.  The second set is denim and dots (and knee socks/tights).  I am still a fan of the denim trend (pairing two different washes?!  Why, I never…), as well as the cutesy polka dot prints adorning everything from tops to shoes–another classic dressed with an edge.

Here are my vintage chic picks for the week, sure to inspire you too:

1.  iamappleorchard I really dig the buttoned-up top with the blazer–who knew it could look so chic? (I always try to show a tiny bit of clavicle/cleavage with a button-up…)  The chambray skirt is another huge trend, and she steals my heart with the matching leather belt and bag.
2.  saramorgan A breezy nautical dress plus fur?  Sometimes unexpected details make the best outfits, like this one here.  I’m also digging the white knee-highs–while I’d feel too much like an old, lumpy nurse wearing them, they really bring out the cutesey flavor of the dress and acessories.
3.  TheAnnies One photo, two adorable outfits!  The inspiration for these ladies was Mickey Mouse–note the polka dots. More over-the-knee socks and tights-with-shorts (which I’m thisclose to trying in the privacy of my own bedroom).  And how cute are their hairstyles?
4.  CastawayVintage Double denim do.  These high-waisted shorts with knee socks give a 70s vibe, while the vintage tee and jacket are channeling the 80s.  The combo of two generations of fashion=one super sexy vintage look.

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