Girls night out

3 Apr

My friend Jessica is in town from New York, and we had a great time out last night!  We started out with margaritas at El Carmen , a great Mexican spot in Hollywood, then headed over to a divey kind of bar called The Dime, and then ended the evening at The Roger Room, a sort of speakeasy lounge type of place that had a really nice atmosphere, hand cracked ice cubes in the drinks, real attention to details.  Not the kind of place and area that I usually frequent as an eastsider but a really welcome change of pace.

David, Jessica, Ana

Jessica, Ana, and me

However, all the bar stops came with a switch up on my drinks, so the mix of margaritas, beer, rum and cokes, and who knows what else left me sleeping in and all day and dying for Bloody Mary.  I finally got out of the house around 3pm and headed over to one of my favorite brunch spots- Figaro Bistrot in Los Feliz with my friend Suzy, a cute little French spot with seating outdoors perfect for this great weather and people watching.

With my hangover I didn’t really have the energy to put together a cute outfit and just threw on one of my boyfriend’s t shirts, a sweater and some cut off vintage Levi’s shorts.  Trying to see if I have enough energy for round 2 tonight…..

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